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If you’re hosting a church service, a town hall meeting, or even a corporate meeting, being forced to limit attendees can be incredibly frustrating. With today’s mandates ever-changing, people feel unsure of attending, and important attendees who could share useful information may not feel it wise to visit a crowded space. A solution that many are finding is to have guest groups meet at a satellite location.

What to Know About Hosting a Satellite Event

Satellite events are excellent for expanding the seating space for attendees so that you can have all of your employees or members meet. These events have few setbacks with many advantages, like more seating and everyone’s ability to be included. 

What is a satellite event?

A satellite event is an event that is held in a location that is separate from the main event. The main event can broadcast into a second venue, so everyone is joining live. Satellite events are excellent for large events that simply don’t have space for everyone to join, or if you have a group of people who would like to attend but are in a different geographical location. These events make it much easier for people to participate, as they have more options. They can help you ensure that everyone can attend your event even if there are seating restrictions in your area. 

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How to host a satellite event. 

Satellite events are easiest hosted in venues like The Bowden, which are regularly used for in-person events. Event venues are created for this making it easier for you in the long run. Contacting a platform that can help you set up for your event will take a tremendous amount of pressure off you when trying to organize it. Look for a venue that will have plenty of space for everyone. The larger the area, the more people you can accommodate. 

While hosting a satellite event might seem a little intimidating to start with, they can be surprisingly simple to run. Depending on the type of event that you are hosting, they can be as straightforward as setting up to watch the video recording and laying out food and beverages. 

What makes a satellite event better? 

What makes any event better? Food, drinks, pamphlets filled with information. Anything that you would do in your event can be brought over to the satellite event as well. Have an employee or volunteer run the satellite venue and ensure that everything is set up before it starts. 

Will you have team-building exercises? Train your event staff to conduct those, so everyone who attends is included regardless of the location. Having a Q&A? Consider dedicating a phone line set up so that people can call in. Think outside the box. This will help you make everyone feel included in the event instead of merely sitting outside watching it happen.  

A satellite event could be an excellent option for you for various reasons such as restrictions due to COVID, groups of potential attendees spread out from your primary location, or a building that you are growing out of. 

If you are struggling with attendance problems, consider hosting a satellite event at The Bowden. Our space is luxurious and large enough to seat several hundred guests. Our staff is a wealth of knowledge in regards to satellite events. Get in touch today!

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